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VCF day two

April 28, 2019

Today, we returned to the Museum to finish taking everything in. I had a chance to look at the Museum's supercomputer exhibit, which is pretty impressive. I can't wait to see the museum fully set up next time.

Unfortunately, some of the exhibitors that I hadn't been able to see yet were busy today–it was a shorter day. I wasn't able to talk to anyone about the Telephony, Sun, or UNIX tables.

I did, however, spend some time playing Spectre on an Appletalk network with the exhibitor and his friend, and also trying out the various IBM models.

Dafne assembled an LED "mood medalion", while Flash–the leader of Red Shed Robotics–helped me remove some components from a board that I was having trouble with. He told us about the group and how he reused the hardware from his collection to build a "mission control" for their robots, and his plan to have the kids do a full NASA-esque flight mission on his farm after the school year ends.

We ended the day by chatting with Nathan some more, about the logistics of collecting and his views on Bill Gates.

Then, we loaded into the car and drove 333 miles back home.

As an extra, here is a dump of VCF.DO, the file which people wrote into on my M102:

Welcome to VCF SE 7.0!!

This is my first sentence on a Tandy Model 102. The keys have nice power and the 8085 can do so much.
- Jon Moller, [redacted]