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December 21, 2018

We've recently moved into a new house, and I'm still in the process of organizing my office (let alone decorating!), putting all of my books on the right shelves, and I'm taking the opportunity to catalog all of my books in libib. I'm not too worried about buying a second copy of a science fiction book (I've only made that mistake once), but it will be very helpful to know which magazine and comic issues I'm missing when I'm browsing stores and antique malls.

I've finally found the time to start reading books more again, and I bought myself an eReader for my birthday which has renewed my interest in reading pulps because of the great Pulp Magazine Archive on the Internet Archive. I'm going to challenge myself to 3 books a month next year, and continue my write-ups for all of them.

Most importantly, I've been thinking recently about my software collection. I started this website (originally at as the final step of my decade-long search to find copies of Theatrix's games, at a time where the Internet Archive didn't have the vast abandonware libraries that it does now, and I believed that the only way to shed light on the ultra-rare titles that I now owned was to let them spread through the grapevine.

Since I publicized my copy of Julliard Music Adventure, it has made its way to and at least one other youtube channel has made a let's play of it. I'd call that success!

I have several plans in the works, my next project for this website to be a showcase of different early web authoring programs. As proud as I am of creating a Windows 3.1 layout for my website, I'm going to replace the current 68km website with a more straight forward design in the process. I was always sort of worried about how the Program Manager windows would look if I had, say, 200 titles in one section. Thankfully, I am way too distracted for that to have ever happened!

But I'm thinking that I need to stop keeping this website so sparse, in the hope that I'll eventually write a hundred articles on all of the CDs I have, and start populating it with more stuff that just brings me joy. I'm going to take a page out of some of the other semi-personal homepages I link to, and just put up whatever interests me for others to enjoy. I still buy edutainment CDs whenever one looks interesting, and I still want to record playthroughs of all of them, but the idea of "staying on-brand" and monetization just isn't worth the hassle for me!

So, keep a look out for some of those new changes on the www site!