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March 1, 2019


I've been working on the new website, and it's more or less ready to go once I make it visually pleasing.

I've added a new computer to my collection, a Tandy 102. It's a neat little machine, a revised version of the first family of true laptops. It has an 8085 processor and 32kb of memory. Since the "Model T" (as the community calls it) is the only personal computer that was made standard with an 8085, as best as I can tell, I thought that it would be neat to use it as a terminal interface for my Glitchworks 8085 SBC.

I'm writing about the Tandy 102 because it's what I'm using to write this post! It sits in your lap, a little smaller than a closed textbook, and has full-sized keys. This computer was commonly used by journalists, who would send their articles to the office via modem at the end of the night. But enough about the Tandy 102.

I'm working on short write-ups about all of my machines, including what I hope will be a useful resource for information about the VTech I.Q. Unlimited, which has sparse coverage spread across multiple websites.