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I just bought a Tandy 1000

March 24, 2019

I'm a little excited!

Yesterday, I bought a Tandy 1000 TX, in full working condition and with a CM-11 (high-end) CGA monitor.

It was more than I should have spent on a computer so soon after my Model 102, and before I check out the consignmentsale at VCF Southeast, but the opportunity arose. I was actually looking to see what the going price was for a Sega Saturn, since I'm interested in playing its extensive library, and then I saw the 1000TX on craigslist.

This machine is interesting because it is the final model of Tandy's PC Jr clone, only with 640kb RAM and a 286 inside. It has the Video Gate Array, or "Tandy" Graphics of the PC Jr and so can display certain video modes that other PCs could not (namely, all 16 CGA colors at once). I always said that I would not collect vintage x86 machines since everything can run seamlessly in DOSBox (or now, PCem). But, I had been reading a lot about graphics modes the other month, and got into my head that it would be neat to own a PC Jr. if they weren't so rare, and well, here I am.